1) "How the heck do you pronounce Anacrine Complex?"

    Here you go. I made a recording

2) "What program/ tools do you use?"

    Currently I do most of the comic with Procreate on an iPad Pro, using a proprietary font to fill in text.

3) "Do you have a website/ twitter/ sketch blog/ email?"



    Sketch blog

4) "I wish I could follow my dream. You’re so lucky you find the time for it!"

    Here’s the secret: you will never find the time. You have to make it. Some people are lucky enough to only have to cut out unnecessary things to pursue their dreams, but many others miss out on sleep or other important activities to make it happen. If you're lucky enough, and work hard enough, and are a little touched in the head, you can absolutely follow your dream.

5) "Do you take commissions?"

    Once in a blue moon. When I do I'll announce it on my Tumblr or Twitter. 

6)  "Can I link you on my site?"

    Please do! I’d also like to see what work you’ve done, so send me your link as well!