About the Comic

Anacrine complex (A-nuh-crinn COM-plex

A superhuman heist involving probably more pigeons than is entirely necessary. 


Magneto, Shego, and Michelangelo sneak into a drug testing facility to battle your mom's tax accountant. It is very dramatic.

Handy-dandy dictionary:

Here are some fictional medical terms I use in the comic:

Black’s Disease makes the body attack its own nervous system. It starts with headaches and tingling sensations in the limbs and eventually degenerates into seizures with risk of aneurism and stroke.

Anacride (A-nuh-cryd) is the medication being developed to cure Black’s disease (if a cure is even possible). In theory, it strengthens neural pathways to heal the ravages of the disease. But for a number of patients, things go a little sideways...

Anacrites are people who have taken the Anacride and gained unusual abilities from it.