Tell me about your dreams!
Posted March 29, 2022 at 11:59 pm

Most of mine are pretty normal but on occasion I’ll get like… an apocalyptic one and write it down. Here’s an example, pasted from my notes app:

I dreamed about the apocalypse. The zombies weren’t much of a threat once the sun dried them out... what you really had to watch out for were the Horsemen. Seeing one was like witnessing a terrifying sunrise, holy and furious and ready to burn you under its heel like a cockroach. Once, when I was scavenging for supplies in a ruined house, I encountered one. The horse reared its brilliant flaming head over the horizon and stained the smoggy sky red. Each thunderous step shook the ground. I knew I was dead, so I watched in awe rather than running. The Horseman veered west. I survived. I ate a stale poptart.